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Lesley Flanigan
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The ghostly beat is by a malfunctioning tape deck and the voice-cloud is by Lesley Flanigan, layering herself against the unceasing pulse. The result is "Hedera," a vivid new extended recording on Physical Editions from the New York-based electronic musician and instrument builder, and an elegant new platform for the powerful vehicle of Flanigan's voice. Like her previous work, Hedera’s intimate physical electronic music is simultaneously performative, rigorous, and visceral. It is likewise an assured new direction for Flanigan, whose duets with her unique hand-crafted wooden speaker feedback systems have been documented on 2014's Glacier and 2009's Amplifications, the latter called a "snow storm of a record" by New Music Box. Invested with the same powerful physicality as her speaker explorations, the two tracks of Hedera move her sculptural approach to sound towards a new synthesis, a gorgeous new setting for her voice that finds itself halfway between the equally hallowed spaces of the experimental music hall and the dance floor.

Lesley Flanigan
PE002 - CD - $7 Add to Cart
Lesley Flanigan's "Glacier" continues her work for speaker feedback instruments and voice. The two-track EP presents a focused approach to the elements of her music, its first track delving into the minutiae of the sounds of her speakers and voice, the second track for layered voices alone.

Lesley Flanigan
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Lesley Flanigan's first release, Amplifications, introduces her music for feedback and solo voice. Inspired by the tangible elements of electronic sound, she performs with handmade speaker feedback instruments, capturing their complex sounds using a single microphone that she then layers against her own voice.