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Loud Objects
Noise Toys
PE011 - 5-Pack - $120 Add to Cart
#1 "Sunrise" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
#2 "Manatees" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
#3 "Broccoli" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
#4 "Oracle" - Device - $30 Add to Cart
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Noise Toys are a series of ready-to-go synthesizers created by the long-running Brooklyn circuit-bending trio Loud Objects, who are known for building and programming their own audio hardware. The Noise Toys are portable versions of the music chips Loud Objects use in their live performances, and come in five different glitched-out sonic flavors. Each Noise Toy is programmed with its own 1-bit generative sound pattern, armed with an old-style toggle power switch, two buttons that modulate the sound, and an audio output jack. Half album and half instrument, the Noise Toys are equally at home in the hands of both casual listeners and musicians looking for a new instrument.