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Tristan Perich
Add to Cart Subscription (4x CD + Score) - $50
Add to Cart Telescope PE006 - CD + Score - $12
Add to Cart Dual Synthesis PE007 - CD + Score - $15
Add to Cart Active Field PE008 - CD + Score - $15
Add to Cart Parallels (With Meehan/ Perkins Duo) PE005 - CD + Score - $18
Tristan Perich's "Compositions," is a new series of recordings of his composed works for acoustic instrumentation with 1-bit electronics, released individually on CD in special packaging that includes their full musical scores printed in poster form. This year, four works will be released, scored as duos between percussion, winds, harpsichord, strings and his 1-bit electronics, featuring performances by Meehan/ Perkins Duo, Ensemble Signal, Daniel Walden and others.

The recordings will be available individually ($12-$18) or as a $50 pre-order subscription, released over the course of 2015. A limited artist edition will be available for $250 at the end of the year. All physical orders will include digital audio downloads.